Hi Darcy Todd and Darla

I wanted to thank you for all your help along the way! This amazing experience for our boys could not have happened without your help.  On behalf of the coaches and all of the parents and of course the boys THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  The team is back home now in Moscow, and a lot of the boys and their parents wrote me and called me already about the great time they had.  Thank you again and I am looking forward to next year.


LO Moscow Dynamo

Hello Nunus,

I just registered the 2005 Boston Junior Rangers Elite team for The Cup 2018.  This will be the third time I have taken a team to the event – it is the gold standard of youth hockey tournaments no matter how you assess it.

The hotels are terrific, in great locations, and with a wide range of pricing options.  The tournament itself is remarkably organized and well run; games are on time, the refereeing is consistently good, the arenas are top notch, and the competition is terrific and well balanced.  Your discipline with the application and acceptance process is a critical component to your success and I commend you for it.

Then you toss in some truly unique venues like RiverWorks, the sticker trading program, and the chance to play against the best of the best and you have yourself an epic event that is a must for every youth hockey player at least once in their careers.

As the head coach, I use The Cup as a barometer as we start to head down the home stretch of our league schedule – the games against top talent point out what we do well and what we need to work on in order to win in the playoffs.  We parlayed a strong showing in The Cup 2017 into an E9 League Championship and a top 25 finish in the country.  The boys came back flying after establishing a new pace of play in Buffalo.

My families asked if we could return in 2018.  We have our hotel rooms blocked and the boys are already talking about the tournament. The returning players are jazzed and the players new to the team are thrilled to have the opportunity.

Thank you for all the work you and your team put into The Cup.  It is so perfectly evident – it helps me as a coach make fantastic memories for my players.  

If there is anything I can do to help keep the event perfectly unique and terrific, please let me know.


Pete McLaughlin


A playoff spot would have been ideal... but 28 stickers, a hat trick, and MVP recognition made for a very memorable weekend.  Thanks for a great tournament.


I thought the tourney was very well run (on time, great rinks, great atmosphere. etc.). the competition was great and little things like the sticker swapping were well thought out and went a long way to adding to the kids enjoyment.

All of the "04 South Shore Kings coaches, parents and kids had a great time -- we would certainly welcome another invite and definitely attend if possible.

--DF Head Coach


Hopefully you are getting plenty of positive feedback...but I wanted to throw in a few quick comments to say thank you!

What a great tournament.  The competition was outstanding, and the tournament was very well run.

The sticker competition was a great idea too.. the kids had a great time meeting players from other teams, trading and getting to know each other.  Well done!


The sticker idea was the best idea I have seen at any hockey tournament.  It got the kids talking to new people and other players instead of having the typical stare down.


Hi Todd

I just wanted to say thank you for running a tremendous tournament this past weekend.  The quality of teams and professionalism of both the 04 and 02 levels was second to none.  You did a tremendous job throughout all aspects of the tournament and is something I really look forward doing again next year.  

--Head Coach MF

Hello Todd
I hope this note finds you well, close to being done with the event’s logistics, and on the verge of a relaxing over the next few days…..
I am the head coach of the ECW 2005 Elite team.  I thought I would pass along some of my team’s feedback of the event as first time participants – in no particular order:
1.      The tournament was remarkably well organized – fantastically so.  I commend you and your team.  Impressive honestly. 
2.      The stickers ….. yikes, the kids LOVED them.  Great idea.  I saw my players engaging with other players from other parts of the world seamlessly with the stickers providing the impetus.  It was fun to see.
3.      Not once …. I mean NEVER – did I go to a rink and not have a person sitting at a table with game sheets prepped and pens at the ready.  Not once.  To top it all off, when I asked those people questions, they knew the answers.  And they were all – everyone – friendly and smiled.  They were tone setters.
4.      We played at Northtown, Hockey Outlet, Harbor Center, and Holiday.  Terrific cross section of rinks from old-school “barns” with a bit of character and grime that I love as a purist to state of the art – playing on the sixth floor of a building is pretty darn cool.
5.      The officiating was SUPERB!!!  Each game the two officials were engaged in earnest, energized, and genuinely cared.  They recognized that the teams competing were talented and let the “boys play” without putting anyone in harm’s way.  They were respectable to the coaches and players.  They were appropriately “in charge.”  That makes my job as a coach easier.
6.      There was a time keeper at the ready for each game – that rarely happens at tournaments.  Again, it speaks to the organization of the event. 
7.      We were on time for the most part.  In instances where we were a bit late, it was not by much, and – heck, who cares?  There was awesome hockey being played.  It gave me a chance to sip on some coffee and watch.
8.      The people from Buffalo were gracious hosts.  I had never been.  Every time I flicked my directional to switch lanes late because I did not know the roads (which I did a few times more than I would care to admit), someone was willing to concede the space and let me in without a honk or a icy stare.   Restaurant staff members were cordial and appreciative of our business.

I just wanted to also take this time to thank you and the rest of your staff for the warm welcome! This tournament by far has been the best experience ever. The boys loved the sticker trading, meeting these Canadian and US teams that we never faced, the snow, the experience of an outdoor rink and so much more. The feedback from our parents has been nothing but positive. We are definitely looking forward to next year. Thank you again.

-Christine Vincent
Anaheim Jr Ducks 2006

I just wanted to take the time to thank you. We had a fabulous time up there this weekend. Definitely the highlight of the year.


I have 26 different team stickers on my badge.  My name is RW I met many new friends this weekend in Buffalo.

Thanks for the opportunity!


Our boys were so excited to see other players from other teams they were chasing them down going from hotel to hotel.  It was funny to see the boys...Being aggressive on the ice and then waiting for the other team to come out of the dressing room after the game not to lip them off but to be the first ( because they are all so competitive) to get their sticker.  It was also nice to see some of our more extraverted boys helping "negotiate" for some of the shy players on the team.  It's amazing how stickers can change the atmosphere for the entire weekend.


We had a player who was unable to play due to injury.  The sticker trading got him involved with his teammates and made him feel part of the tournament.  Thank You!



Hands down the best tournament our team has ever attended. We've been to International Silversticks and their level of competition was nowhere near the level we saw this past weekend.  It's a testament to you that you can gather all of these teams in your first year.  The organization and tournament staff were also the best we've encountered.  One more positive...the sticker trading idea was genius.  The person who came up with that should get a raise!  Everywhere we went..hotels, arenas, restaurants and even the hockey store we saw players from different teams huddled together trying to negotiate trades.  Well done!  We can't wait to do this again, our parents are already making plans.